Terms And Conditions

Prices are subject to change without notice and unless otherwise expressed in writing by GT Auto Garage, all goods and services will be charged at the price determined as at the date of delivery or service, in the absolute discretion of GT. The customer acknowledges that the stated price for the goods and/or repairs does not include the cost of items not specifically detailed in GT’s quotation.

Shipping Costs and Delivery
Where shipping for a product/order is more than the standard fee paid during checkout, GT are entitled to charge an additional fee to cover the additional cost of shipping. 

GT shall be entitled to add to the cost of the goods or services as the case may be the actual cost to it of any freight and/or insurance charges in respect of the delivery of the goods to the customer/recipient. The customer/recipient acknowledges that once the goods have been dispatched from the premises of GT that GT shall not be responsible nor liable to the customer/recipient for any loss or damage occasioned to the goods in the course of delivery of the goods to the customer/recipient and GT is hereby indemnified and held harmless in that regard.

Whilst GT will make every reasonable endeavour to cause goods to be delivered by the estimated delivery dates, GT shall not be responsible for delays outside its control, howsoever caused.

Products/orders that are too large and/or heavy to ship, are subject to pick up only. Except in the case where delivery by a GT team member is arranged, at GT's discretion. Delivery fees may apply.


Products purchased through our site are subject to manufacturers warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer of the product your looking to purchase for further details.


In the event that GT has made any alteration in design to the goods pursuant to advice or instructions by the customer then in that event the customer indemnifies CE against all or any  damages, penalties, costs and expenses or claim which may be made against GT and which arises directly or indirectly out of GT making any such design change to the goods and including but not limited to any allegation that such action by GT has or may involve an infringement of any patent, trademark, registered design, copyright or common law right.