HKS Transmission Oil Pan Nissan 35GTR GR6


$1,470.00 AUD
Approx $964.32 USD


HKS Transmission Oil Pan for the GR6 NISSAN GT-R R35 utilizes high strength aluminum casting "honey comb" design, which can improve the rigidity of the transmission case. The load to the internal components can be reduced, and the gears will rotate more smoothly. Since the GT-R is continuously evolving as a higher performance vehicle, reducing the load to the transmission with the HKS Oil Pan is highly effective and recommended for the longevity of the transmission.

  • Replacing the oil pan can improve the strength; it provides a 30% increase in strength compared to the factory pan. The stress to the shaft bearing and gear tooth inside the transmission caused by the higher engine output and/or circuit driving can be relieved.
  • HKS Oil Pan is not only effective for the tuned engine, but also for the factory engine since the oil pan prevents metal debris from entering to the transmission oil so the oil can be kept clean.
  • HKS Oil Pan will be a large opening of the transmission case. The strength can be improved with simple operations.
  • Using the liquid gasket* is recommended for better sealing. (Refer to the graph above.)
    * It is recommended to use the TB 1217 or an equivalent.
  • HKS Oil Pan has additional internal ribs to improve the oil flow to the strainer. The required engine oil volume is the same as the factory's designated volume. The factory magnet and oil level gauge must be used.
  • Since two M16 sized oil outlets are on the pan's side, the oil cooler can be installed. Also, using these outlets as an oil drainer can drain almost all engine oil remained inside the oil pan.

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