HKS R Type Intercooler Kit GR Yaris

13001-AT008    In Stock

$3,120.00 AUD
Approx $2,037.36 USD



  • The concept is OEM fitment for GR Yaris but also improved cooling performance.
  • Although it is a stock replacement, we designed it bigger for future power improvement. It is also effective when driving on the tracks. The use of a new multilayer core minimizes weight, reduces pressure loss, and improves cooling performance.


  • It is a stock replacement but with increased height and thickness to provide improved cooling performance for modified high power GR Yaris.
  • The core is thicker than stock, but the fin shape is optimized to deliver cooling performance and airflow through it.
  • HKS intercooler core size is 645x205x105 (stock is 645x145x80). Made in Japan", laminated type core is used for reliability and performance.

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