HKS Hipermax Tour Height Adjustable GR Supra A90


$1,908.00 AUD
Approx $1,251.65 USD


Utilizes the stock adaptive suspension system and offers a height-adjustable spring.

This spring kit developed for the GR Supra is now compatible with the BMW Z4 M40i (HF30T). We have received many inquiries about this case, and we have made it possible for HIPERMAX Touring to make a perfect fitting using an actual BMW Z4. The BMW Z4 M40i (HF30T ”G29”) is heavier than the GR Supra RZ (DB42) and has a ground clearance of 93 mm (Front Aluminum Undercover) when installed in our factory dimensions. When the vehicle height is increased from our factory dimensions, there is a possibility of engaging a spring wires at full bump. Do not use this kit unless the vehicle has Adaptive M Suspension (electronic suspension).

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