HKS Hipermax Tour Height Adjustable 35GTR


$2,386.00 AUD
Approx $1,562.83 USD


Spring kit for use with a stock shock absorber for adjusting vehicle height.

Spring kit for use with a stock shock absorber

■Concept and Features

  • The spring rate was tested in 2N/mm increments. The spring rate was carefully selected to correspond to each mode change to improve drivability.
  • The spring adopts a variable rate that changes in two stages in the front and rear. The benefit of the HKS spring will be maximized according to the expansion and contraction of the shock absorber.
  • This kit tuned to reduces a weight transfer such as bounce and pitching by develops with test driving. HKS considers the bump touch timing and you can feel comfortable driving.
  • This spring avoided while unstable behavior of the vehicle, enables low down, and improves the stability while maintaining the comfort of the long winding road and highway.
  • This kit offers the luxury to improve the overall handling and balance of NISSAN R35. These are super quality springs that have received awesome feedback from those who use these for both daily driving or motorsports use.


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