HKS Hi-Power Spec-L II (32016-AF101) Subaru BRZ 3BA-ZD8


$2,640.00 AUD
Approx $1,731.84 USD


Sporty sound and significant weight reduction enhances the BRZ's driving performance.

By using ultra-thin stainless steel material for pipes and silencers, the weight has been achieved to a level competitive with titanium exhausts.

The sound characteristics of the exhaust system are emphasized by the bass sound, while the annoying exhaust drone is eliminated by the silent chamber. "It has a unique shape with equal length on each sides for producing a clear exhaust sound. This is a product that allows you to fully enjoy the pleasant HKS sound.

The pipe diameter was selected to match the high output 2.4L engine for superior exhaust performance. By reducing weight and exhaust pressure, we have achieved a significant improvement in driving performance.

Customisation with optional tail tip covers is available in 3 types; titanium, carbon, and blue stainless steel.

32016-AF101 is designed to meet Japanese regulations and is quieter than 32016-BT004.

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